Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant, Scandia MN
Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant, Scandia MN
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Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant
21050 Ozark Ave N
Scandia, MN
(651) 433.1411



Monday - Wednesday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Thursday - Saturday 11 a.m. - 1 a.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

East of Olinda Trail N
South of Scandia Trail N (SR 97)
On the corner of Ozark Ave N and Ozark Court N
In Scandia, MN

Casual Bar & Mexican Restaurant

Mexican/American Food

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Friday, January 2nd 2009

We had Tanner for a few days and Lou was sick the whole time. After Tanner left I packed Lou into the car and we headed to Lindstrom to have our hair done, and then to our friend's home to do some year-end financial stuff. After Verna got over her shock at the “barbershop buzz job” that Lou had done in early December, she trimmed his hair and then he headed out to take care of computer updates, defragging, etc. When we arrived at the house, he was just about completed with the updates, and then he discovered that the printer was out of ink. Unfortunately, Verna didn't have any spare ink cartridges, so we sent him to town to get new ink cartridges. When he returned with the cartridges, which were refurbished – i.e., not new) and discovered that only the black ink cartridge worked in the printer. We hoped we could make do without the color cartridge.

On such a note we began our friend's year end payroll reports. After considerable time, we emerged victorious! In between the printer jamming, no ink, Connor's arrival (their 14 month old grandson), and Tom making dinner, we finished – a marathon of 4 hours! Lou and I put our coats on and dashed out the door, leaving Tom and Verna behind with their burned bratwurst and oven dried casserole. In spite of the overcooking of their dinner, it still smelled really good! Or, maybe we were just famished.

As we drove onto Olinda Trail, we both commented that we were glad we had eaten lunch before we headed out for the afternoon. We decided to try the Mexican restaurant in Scandia, which was formerly Prospects. Paula told us that someone told her it was really good, and that the owners were Hispanic. That was a good sign, or so we thought. The restaurant is about 1 block off Highway 97, just east of Olinda Trail.

There weren't a lot of cars in the parking lot, but it was the Friday after New Years, and I suspect that a lot of folks were just relaxing at home instead of going out again. We were seated right away and in no time, our waiter, Hector, arrived. He was a right friendly sort of fellow, and was sure that we were there to enjoy Margaritas. He was somewhat disappointed to hear that we weren't going to have any.

We ordered water and started to look over the menu. After a minute or so, we both commented that the menu looked strangely familiar. Well, it turns out, the restaurant had been located at Northland Mall, in Forest Lake, MN. The new owners taking over the mall determined to make massive renovations, which included a new building and raising Mi Casita's rent so the restaurant decided to relocate. They probably got a good deal to go into this location, since it has been under several owners over the past few years.

I decided to order the carnitas, which is spicy pork, Spanish rice, refried beans and a guacamole salad along with flour tamales. Lou ordered the bean burrito, the cheese burrito, and bean tostada combo. One of the staff brought us over a mini carafe of salsa and chips. The salsa had a sweeter taste, but was pretty good. Our food arrived fairly soon, nice and hot.

My carnitas were big chunks of spiced pork and were both tender and tasty. Not the right size to fill a tortilla, but delicious in their own right. The rice was flaky (i.e., not glue-like) and had a good flavor. The refried beans were, well, refried beans. Either you like refried beans or you don't. The beans were typical of most establishments. The salad had a dollop of pico de gallo, which was heavy on the onions. I got the tortillas after I was about half way done with my meal. If I had been looking forward to making soft tortillas, I would have been disappointed at the timing. As it was, I hadn't planned on eating them anyway. They were served in a foil wrap and were hot.

Lou's meal was covered in a red enchilada sauce. Throughout the dinner, he repeatedly said that his was “terrible”. That being said, he cleaned the plate.... 9My excuse is that I was famished!)My meal was good. While my meal's presentation was nice, Lou's was not eye appealing.

We finished and Hector came over to convince us to get dessert. We managed to decline, after which he sang Felice Anniversario to us. After all, it was the end of the day on our 11th wedding anniversary, each anniversary bringing more happiness and joy than either of us had ever imagined. I don't think we will go to Mi Casita for our 12th anniversary.

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